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Heartland Community College

Heartland Community College Lincoln expands welding courses

January 29, 2024

Heartland Community College Lincoln has entered into an agreement with Lincolnland Technical Education Center (LTEC) to offer evening welding classes. 

Heartland currently offers dual credit courses for high school age students attending LTEC.  

The Lincoln program will be offering intro and advanced MIG welding courses to the community as well as current LTEC students who wish to progress their skills. This provides more opportunity for Logan county students while also maintaining the welding skills and industrial technology offerings on the Main Campus in Normal. 

Lincoln welding classes at LTEC will begin in the Fall 2024 semester, beginning with an 8 week 100-level intro course. Students will be able to advance to a 200-level advanced course after the completion of the first. Students completing the two-course sequence will earn the Gas Metal Arc Welding Basics microcertificate and will be on the pathway to completing the larger 16-hour Welding Skills Certificate.  

The Welding Skills Certificate is stackable into a larger Industrial Technology Applied Associate of Science should a student decide to pursue a degree. 

The expansion of welding courses is supported by equipment that the College will be providing to the LTEC facility.

For more information on welding courses or other questions contact Heartland Community College Lincoln at or call 217.735.1731 with questions.

Written by: Steve Fast