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Heartland Community College

Apprenticeship Candidates

Apprentice candidates are encouraged to begin preparing for interviews for Fall 2022.

Apprenticeship programs are for ambitious people of all ages who want to earn a salary while they learn, gaining real skills and knowledge. Anyone looking to upgrade their skills or change careers is a good candidate for apprenticeship.

  • High school students who may need to gain experience
  • Career changers who need training and education in a new industry
  • Incumbent workers who want to advance in their current job


18 years or older At least 18 years old, or 16 years and not currently enrolled in school
High School Diploma High school dipoloma or GED
Eligible to work in the U.S. Eligible to work in the United States (citizen or permanent resident)
Academic Requirements Meet academic requirements for admission
Drivers License Some jobs require a driver's license

Pathways to a Bachelor’s Degree

As an apprentice, you earn college credit that can be transferred to colleges and universities when you are ready for that next step. Some of HCC’s apprenticeship programs are AAS degrees with at least 60 credit hours meaning students can transfer to their school of choice at junior status.


Apprenticeship Opportunities Request Information