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Heartland Community College

College NOW Program

Dual Credit Program Objectives

According to the Dual Credit Quality Act, the purpose of dual credit partnerships between community colleges and secondary schools is to:

  • reduce college costs;
  • speed time to degree completion;
  • improve the curriculum for high school students and the alignment of the curriculum with college and workplace expectations;
  • facilitate the transition between high school and college;
  • enhance communication between high schools and colleges; and
  • offer opportunities for improving degree attainment for underserved student populations. 

Key Partnership Components

  • Review the administrative standards for our IL district 540 early college partnerships: 
  • Engage in our partnership procedures for the next academic year during the prior academic year: 
  • Assist students through the College NOW admission process for HCC courses offered at high school locations Sep 1 - April 30 of the prior academic year for the next academic year and by Sep 15 within the same academic year for the HCC courses offered at career center locations. 
    • Students must complete the HCC student application and any required placement testing - if applicable - during that timeframe.
  • Submit preliminary dual credit rosters by or before the 1st Friday in May (annually).
    • Roster updates will be managed via our shared Google drive hub thereafter until the HCC drop dates each semester.
  • Complete the annual memorandum of agreement document sent via email by or before May 31 of the prior academic year for the next academic year.
Download FA22 Dual Credit Summit PowerPoint (pdf)