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Heartland Community College

Heartland hits high mark for minority enrollment

September 6, 2022

Heartland Community College continues to show enrollment increases recovering from the hit the pandemic had on colleges across the country. 

Enrollment numbers at Fall 22 Census Day (the 10th day of classes) show an increase of 2 percent in the number of Heartland undergraduate students and an increase of 1.4 percent in number of credit hours they are taking. 

The largest gains are seen in minority student enrollment which is up 13 percent over Fall of 2021 and 24 percent from Fall of 2020.  The Fall 2020 semester represents Heartland’s the most diverse class in College history, with and the largest-ever number of minority students. 

Enrollment in new students is up 6 percent over Fall 2021 and 18 percent over Fall 2020. 

“We continue to see an enrollment recovery that made major strides last year and remain well ahead of community college peers across the state and nation,” said Sarah Diel-Hunt, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services. “Our Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, which was under development when COVID hit, was completed and implemented in the Fall of 2021. The College is making strides in areas of enrollment growth identified with this plan, including minority students, work ready program enrollment and the enrollment of students over age 25.”  

The 10-day census numbers reflect student enrollment after the add/drop period for credit classes has ended. Not counted in these enrollment numbers are Adult Education and Continuing Education students at the College.

Written by: Steve Fast