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Heartland Community College

Associate in Applied Science - Computer Network Technology

60 credit hours

Catalog Year 2022-2023

By enrolling in the Computer Network Technology program, you have hands-on opportunities to gain real-world PC and networking experience. You learn to install and configure popular computer components, operating systems, network cabling, network devices, and network security. Depending on the electives you select, you may choose to specialize in Linux or Windows operating systems, or in routing and switching with Cisco equipment. When you complete this program, you can seek employment as a network administrator, PC/network technician, help desk technician, and computer operator; you may also be ready to take industry standard certifications (such as CCNA, A+, and Network+.).

General Education Requirements

Class Title Credit Hours
ENGL 101 Critical Reading & Writing 3
COMM 101 or BTEC 115 Introduction to Oral Communication or Business Communication 3
Humanities or Social & Behavioral Science Any one IAI Humanities or Social & Behavioral Science course 3
MATH or TMAT 103 Any College level Math course or Technical Mathematics I 3-4
Life or Physical Science Any one IAI Life or Physical Science course 3-4
Total Credit Hours 15

Technical Core Requirements

Class Title Credit Hours
CTEC 136 Excel Level I 1
CTEC 156 Word Level I 1
BTEC 145 Employment Success Strategies 1
NETW 131 Introduction to Networks 3
NETW 132 Switching, Routing & Wireless Essentials 3
NETW 133 Enterprise Networks, Security & Automation 3
NETW 134 Networking Capstone & Boot Camp 2
NETW 140 Intro to Scripting & Network Programming 3
NETW 150 Workstation Operating Systems 3
NETW 151 PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair 3
NETW 160 Introduction to Networking 3
NETW 167 Windows Server Administration 3
NETW 170 Network Security Fundamentals 3
NETW 182 Linux Administration 3
NETW 184 Cyber Ops 3
NETW 185 Cloud Computing 3
NETW 208  Data & Cabling Systems 3
TECH 299 Internship in Technology 1-3
Total Credit Hours 45


Suggested Sequence (full-time enrollment):

Fall (semester 1)  BTEC 145, NETW 131P, NETW 132, NETW 150, NETW 151, TMAT 103 or MATH
Spring (semester 2) ENGL 101, NETW 133P, NETW 140, NETW 160, NETW 167P
Summer TECH 299
Fall (semester 3) BTEC 115 or COMM 101, NETW 170P, NETW 182*P, NETW 185*P, Social Science or Humanities
Spring (semester 4) CTEC 136, CTEC 137, NETW 134P, NETW 184**P, NETW 208**, Life or Physical Science

*denotes a fall only class

** denotes a spring only class

p denotes courses with a prerequisite or placement requirement

Information is subject to change. Please check with an academic advisor for current course offerings and program requirements. Current students with continual enrollment may graduate under the current program requirements or any program requirements in effect since first enrollment.

Computer Networking at Heartland Community College Video

Computer Networking at Heartland Community College Video

Computer Networking at Heartland Community College Video Transcription (PDF)

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