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Safety Tips and Resource Links

  • Illinois Secretary of State Website:

    • Illinois Rules of the Road
    • Guidance for teen drivers
    • Instructions for driver license and license-plate renewals

    Illinois General Assembly Website:

    • New laws and changes in laws

     National Safety Council:

    • Best practices in safe driving
    • Videos for raising awareness and improving driving habits (for visual learners).
  • Summer Driving Tips 

    Ensure a trouble-free summer driving experience with these simple preventative maintenance steps. 

    On Your Own

    • Check all tires' air pressure, including the spare. Inspect tires for cracking or any lodged objects, such as a nail.
    • Ensure you’re familiar with the location of the jack, lug wrench, and any other tools needed for a tire change. All information is located in the vehicle owner’s manual.
    • Test wiper blades and fill windshield washer fluid.
    • Inspect all vehicle lighting.
      • Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and the rear registration plate light (license plate light). 
    • Ensure the registration sticker on your license plate is up-to-date. 
    • Find your vehicle insurance card: Do you have the updated one in the vehicle? Is it located somewhere that can be easily found if needed?
    • Create and keep an emergency kit in the vehicle, including:
      • Jumper cables
      • First-aid kit
      • Flashlight
      • Water and non-perishable food (ex: granola bars, trail mix, etc.)
      • Paper towels
      • Cell phone charger

    With Help From a Mechanic, If Needed

    • Check air conditioning and test for the proper amount of refrigerant. Add more as needed.
    • Check the vehicle’s coolant and test for the proper antifreeze to water ratio.
    • Inspect belts and hoses. 

    Driving in Bloomington-Normal

    Bloomington-Normal is a railroad town, and we must take care crossing tracks. As a driver:

    • Expect a train at any time in either direction, regardless of time of day or day of week.
    • Never race a train to the crossing.
    • If you see a train approaching, wait for it to go by before proceeding across the tracks.
    • Do not drive around lowered gates. It’s illegal and deadly.
    • If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, get out and get away from the tracks, even if you do not see a train.