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Heartland Community College

Emeritus Designation Policy

Heartland Community College recognizes that certain employees have demonstrated exemplary service over the course of their careers.  Such service is generally rewarded through promotion and other awards and methods of recognition.  However, in cases where an employee’s service and contributions to the College have been over a long period and have been particularly meritorious and significant, such employee may, upon retirement from the College, be eligible for emeritus designation.

The emeritus title recognizes the value the College places on the experience, knowledge, and ability of its retiring/retired employee.  Emeritus status encourages retiring/retired employees to remain a part of the College, to maintain their professional identity, and to continue to be productive members of the educational community.  Such designation shall be awarded in conformance with the criteria and process that follow.


Employee must:

  1. demonstrate meritorious service in their position with the college (either in their official role or through other service to the College),
  2. have provided a minimum of 10 years of full-time service to the College upon retirement, and
  3. express a desire to remain associated with the College in retirement. 

Nomination & Selection:

  • Employees may be nominated by self or others.
  • Prior to or within 6 months after the date of retirement, an employee must submit an application to nominate themselves or another employee to be considered for emeritus status to Human Resources.
  • Such request should include evidence of meritorious service and a minimum of two letters of support, with at least one letter from a College administrator familiar with their service to the College.
  • The President, Cabinet, and any additional appointees to the process will consider emeritus nominations by reviewing the submitted materials and any other materials considered germane to the request. 
  • The President will recommend nominations to the Board of Trustees for a final decision.

Responsibilities and Privileges of Emeritus Status

Emeritus title recipients are encouraged to serve as a voluntary resource to their former departments and the College at large.  Emeritus title recipients will be accorded the following privileges that honor and utilize their expertise:

  • A College ID card
  • Emeritus business cards upon request
  • Waiver of fees for community education courses, following course fee waiver guidelines
  • Access to the Fitness and Recreation Center
  • Access to the Library
  • Opportunity to participate in commencement and other official College events
  • Attendance at campus events open to College employees
  • Receipt of campus publications, announcements, and event invitations, as determined by the College
  • Participation in campus seminars, colloquia, lectures, ad hoc committees, and other scholarly pursuits
  • Opportunity to volunteer at the College
  • For retiring faculty,
    • Listing under the department directory on the website
    • Access to adjunct office space