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Heartland Community College

Electronics Skills

16 credit hours

Catalog Year 2024-2025

The Electronics Skills Certificate prepares you for an entry-level position as an electronics technician. You will learn basic skills in electronics, including troubleshooting and circuit construction, digital electronics, and automation and controls. With these skills, you can perform basic troubleshooting and repair on electronic systems such as manufacturing systems, industrial controllers, or communications systems. Should you decide to pursue further education in this area, you can apply all of these courses toward the Industrial Technology Certificate or the Industrial Technology AAS degree.

Certificate Requirements

Class Title Credit Hours
ELTC 102 DC Electronics 3
ELTC 103 AC Electronics 3
ELTC 206 Digital Electronics & Microprocessors 3
ELTC 212 Automation & Control Electronics 3

TECH 171 or TECH 172


TECH 271 or TECH 272

10-Hour OSHA Construction or General Industry Safety


30-Hour OSHA Construction or General Industry Safety

TMAT 103 or MATH 109 Technical Mathematics I or College Algebra 3-4
Total Credit Hours 16-17

Suggested Sequence:

Fall - ELTC 102, ELTC 103, TMAT 103
Spring - ELTC 206, ELTC 212, TECH 171/172