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Why Philosophy?

Civil rights activist and late Senator John Lewis once said: “Philosophy . . . helps you see the contradiction between what is and what ought to be.”

The study of Philosophy trains you to develop habits and elegance of thought. It helps you find clarity and logic when you examine difficult issues. You learn to ask questions, to take apart beliefs and preconceptions, to solve problems and think critically.

Studying philosophy is valuable no matter what career path you pursue. Philosophy students wind up in a wide variety of thinking careers including working as a(n): comedian, novelist, journalist, activist, politician, writer, actor, producer, professor, and in business.

Why Heartland?

There are many reasons to study philosophy at Heartland Community College:

  • Affordable
  • Dedicated, experienced instructors
  • Small, engaging class sizes
  • Student-focused, supportive environment
  • Opportunity to explore many areas of study before deciding on your major
  • Transfer options to 4-year institutions

I want to learn more.

Applying to Heartland

Applying early is encouraged, so you can get the classes you need at the times you want. Visit to apply today!