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Heartland Community College

Mission, Philosophy & Goals

HCC PTA Mission Statement

In keeping with the mission of Heartland Community College, the Physical Therapist Assistant program is dedicated to providing excellent, innovative and diverse educational opportunities that prepares graduates to develop the skills and professionalism required of the entry-level physical therapist assistant for contemporary practice. The program is committed to providing student-centered learning opportunities to empower our graduates to safely and ethically provide care and advocacy for the patients and families within the communities we serve.

HCC PTA Program Goals

  1. Graduate competent healthcare professionals with strong critical thinking skills who are well prepared to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam for Physical Therapist Assistant and work as a Physical Therapist Assistant.
  2. Foster student development in communication skills, professional behaviors, and respect for and appreciation of patient differences.
  3. Promote Life-Long Learning for self-enrichment and to benefit the health outcomes of society.
  4. Employ qualified and effective faculty who maintain contemporary practice and academic development in educational foundations, who maintain progress for tenure and/or promotion and are involved in the advocacy of the profession.
  5. Facilitate participation in the internal and external communities served through the provision and assessment of educational needs.

HCC PTA Program Expected Outcomes

Heartland Community College PTA graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication with patients, family members, the physical therapist and other healthcare providers in a manner that exemplifies respect for and appreciation of differences.
  2. Provide safe and competent physical therapy interventions as directed by the physical therapist and established within the plan of care to minimize risk to patient, self and others and maximize patient outcomes.
  3. Perform valid and reliable data collection as outlined within the physical therapist's plan of care, accurately report the findings through legible and timely documentation and report changes to the supervising physical therapist.
  4. Demonstrate clinical problem solving by modifying selected interventions to either: 1) progress the patient to optimize outcomes, 2) ensure safety and comfort within the plan of care established by the physical therapist, or 3) discriminate when the situation exceeds the physical therapist assistant's scope of practice.
  5. Educate patients, family, care-givers, support personnel and/or community members through various methods to ensure comprehension and to enhance safety and patient outcomes.
  6. Display professional and ethical behavior complimentary to the physical therapy profession and within the guidelines of the APTA's Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant and the state regulatory agency.
  7. Perform physical therapy services in a fiscally responsible manner in compliance with facility procedures and payer regulations, cognizant of the current health care environment and its impact on the physical therapy profession.
  8. Participate in lifelong learning and professional development to maintain continuing competence based on self-assessment and performance evaluations.

Heartland Community College PTA Program faculty will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate contemporary practice knowledge, academic development in educational foundations, progress for tenure and/or promotion, and involvement in the profession.
  2. Maintain contemporary practice and academic development in educational foundations and pursue progress for tenure and/or promotion, and be involved in the profession.

Heartland Community College PTA Program will:

  1. Contribute to community service and promote lifelong learning.

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