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Heartland Community College

Why Agriculture?

The study of agriculture is a great fit if you want to contribute to the areas of sustainability, human health and natural resources. Agriculture incorporates principles from science, engineering, business and education. You might be surprised to know that students preparing for careers in agriculture don't just come from farming backgrounds.

Heartland has many options to prepare you for a career or further education in Agriculture. Our degree and certificate programs include:

Why Heartland?

There are many reasons to study at Heartland Community College.

  • Affordable
  • Student-focused, hands-on instruction
  • Dedicated instructors
  • Small class sizes
  • Supportive environment

Agriculture courses at Heartland are designed to help you gain the practical knowledge required to work for the leading agriculture employers. Our program works routinely with an industry advisory board to ensure that our courses and programming is at the highest level of industry needs. Here at Heartland, we flipped the script – we worked with employers first to develop courses that would prepare you to succeed in their companies.

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Applying to Heartland

Applying early is encouraged, so you can get the classes you need at the times you want. Visit to apply today!