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Why World Languages?

The ability to use an additional language is among the top skills required across all professions. Whether you work in business, criminal justice, social work, health care, or a variety of other fields, employers are looking for professionals who can communicate in a language other than English. If you can speak two or more languages, you have a huge professional advantage. Additionally, proficiency in a second language opens opportunities for studying or working abroad.

Learning a new language exercises your brain; improves your memory and cognitive abilities; connects you to other cultures; and promotes tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others.

Why Heartland?

There are many reasons to study world languages at Heartland Community College:

  • Affordable
  • Dedicated, experienced instructors who are native or fluent in their language
  • Small class sizes
  • Student-focused, supportive environment
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Transfer options to 4-year institutions

I want to learn more.

Applying to Heartland

Applying early is encouraged, so you can get the classes you need at the times you want. Visit to apply today!