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Heartland Community College

Music at Heartland Information

Share and grow your musical talents at Heartland!

Whether you are listening to music or making music, music is one of the great joys of life. At Heartland, we want to help you discover and develop your love of music.

Whether you dream of becoming a music professional, you want to make music for fun, or you want to learn more about the history of music and jazz - we have opportunities to help you explore the world of music. Heartland music department offers ensembles where you play with others, private lessons where you develop your skills with voice or on an instrument, music courses where you can develop your understanding of Music Theory or Jazz Improvisation, and general education courses in Music where you can learn about the history of music and jazz – all taught by music experts who are also practicing professionals.

If you are a community member, with an interest in music, we invite you to participate in ensembles (for credit or not), take private lessons, or to take courses in our Music program. High School Students who are ready to explore college level music study can earn college credit for participating in ensembles and taking private lessons.

Please contact the music department for more information: Meg Struve at 309-268-8635 or


Upcoming performance dates and timess will be determined as the college returns to full operations and unrestricted access to all campuses.