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Heartland Community College


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, personal automobiles are collectively the single greatest polluter in our country. Heartland is committed to supporting and promoting alternative forms of transportation.  


It's easy for you to ride your bike to campus because Heartland Community College is located on The Constitution Trail and all fixed-route buses that stop on campus are equipped with bike racks

Constitution Trail 

Covering over 24 miles of Bloomington-Normal, the trail can take you all kinds of places!

Bike parking 

There are bicycle racks located outside all of the instructional buildings on campus.  

Bike Fix-It Station

For all your tune-up needs, the Bike Fix-It Station, located in the breezeway of the Instructional Commons Building has everything you need to change a tire, add air to a tire, or tighten up loose screws.   

bike fixit

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Heartland is a signatory to the Department of Energy's Workplace Charging Challenge, and we are committed to make EV charging accessible for students, staff, and guests.  

Three Level-II Chargers

  • East entrance of the Workforce Development Center (WDC)
  • East parking lot of the Astroth Community Education Center (ACEC) 
  • West entrance of the Normal Readiness Center (NRC)

Our charging stations are free to use, but we ask that users are mindful and move their vehicles once charged to make the charger available for other users.  


City Bus

Heartland students and staff can ride any Bloomington-Normal Connect Transit bus for FREE with a valid ID and bus sticker (provided to you when you receive your ID). 

Buses to Heartland

The Yellow Route (PDF) 

Campus drop-off and pick-up locations:    

  • Millennium Blvd in front of the Astroth Community Education Center (ACEC)
  • Pheasant Lane behind the Workforce Development Center (WDC) 
  • Community College Drive in front of the Student Commons Building (SCB)

Arrival Times:  :28 and :58
(15 minute frequency during peak hours)

Depart Times: :00 and :30 
(15 minute frequency during peak hours)

The arrival time is scheduled for the Student Commons Building (SCB) stop. The bus will stop at the other two locations on campus BEFORE those times. Plan accordingly.

Check the Connect Transit website for full schedules, routes, and a real-time bus tracker or this PDF version of all route maps and timetables.  They also have a convenient mobile app for real-time bus tracking. 


Campus Fleet Vehicles

The Heartland fleet includes a hybrid vehicle and E85 ethanol flex fuel vehicles.