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Heartland Community College

Wind Turbine

On June 12, 2012, Heartland's 1.65MW Vestas turbine began generating energy for the Normal campus.  

Powering the Campus and Education

Our wind turbine generates around 50% of the electricity on campus.

It also helps prepare students for employment in the growing green economy and providing them with a better understanding of renewable energy production and energy efficiency is an important part of the overall purpose of the turbine. Funded through a grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network, we offered multiple Wind Tower Competent Climber and Rescue Trainings and hope to offer more.

Turbine Fast Facts

  • The Heartland Community College Board of Trustees adopted the vision of a wind turbine in 2006. View the complete timeline (PDF) of the turbine project from vision adoption to installation completion.
  • It would take 11 school buses stacked end-to-end to measure up to the 390 foot turbine.
  • The ladder inside the turbine is attached by powerful magnets.
  • Approximately 80% of the turbine can be recycled.
  • The blades can reach speeds up to 138 miles per hour.  They pitch inward or outward to harvest as much wind energy as possible.
  • More Fun Facts (PDF)
Heartland Community College Turbine Video

Heartland Community College Turbine

Video Transcription: Heartland Community College Turbine Video Transcription (PDF)