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Heartland Community College

Student Right-To-Know

College Affordability and Transparency

Use the  College Scorecard to find out more about a college's affordability and value to make an informed decisions about which college to attend.

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

As an institution participating in Title IV Higher Education Act programs, Heartland Community College is required by federal law to disclose graduation and transfer-out information in compliance with the Student Right-to-Know Act. Information on program completions and transfer to other institutions by Heartland students is provided by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB).

A cohort of full-time, first-time degree/certificate seeking students was tracked by ICCB from Fall 2018 through Summer 2021. The table below displays the graduation and transfer-out rates of Heartland's cohort and all Illinois community colleges.

Fall 2018 Cohort Heartland
All Illinois Community
Colleges Number
All Illinois Community
Colleges Percentage
Full-time, First-time, degree-/ certificate-seeking students 554 - 27,343 -
Graduation Rate: Completed degree or certificate within 150% of scheduled time (3 years) 230 41.5% 9,008 32.9%
Transfer-Out Rate: Transferred to another school within 150% of scheduled time (3 years); did not complete degree or certificate 75 13.5% 5,072 18.5%
Still Enrolled: 62 11.2% 2,856 10.4%
Successful Progress Rate: Includes graduated, transferred and still enrolled 367 66.2% 16,936 61.9%

Source: ICCB Graduation Rate Survey (GRS), March 2022

Detailed reports, including race/ethnicity and gender comparisons, are available:

  • Single-Year Cohort/Subcohort Data (PDF): Includes the Graduation, Transfer, and Successful Progress Rates for the most recent cohort of first-time, full-time, degree/certificate-seeking students by race/ethnicity and gender.
  • Four-Year Average Cohort/Subcohort Data (PDF): Includes the four-year average Graduation, Transfer, and Successful Progress Rates for the four most recent cohorts of first-time, full-time, degree/certificate-seeking students by race/ethnicity and gender.
  • Students Receiving Athletically-Related Aid (PDF): Count of full-time, degree/certificate-seeking students receiving athletically-related student aid for the past academic year by race/ethnicity and gender.
  • Heartland’s Licensure Programs: Detailed reports including graduation rates, licensure exam pass rates, and job placement rates for Heartland’s licensure programs, are available on the Professional Licensure Disclosure page.   

For additional information, contact the Heartland Community College Office of Institutional Research at 309-268-8183.

Campus Crime Statistics

In compliance with the  Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, and the Student Right-To-Know Act, the  Annual Security Report (PDF) and college crime statistics for Heartland Community College are also available.

Registered Sex Offender Information

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 requires colleges and universities to inform students and employees how to learn the identity of registered sex offenders on campus. This law also requires that sex offenders provide notice to any institution of higher education at which the person is employed or is a student.  Registered Sex Offenders who wish to attend classes or other activities at the College must register in advance of their class or activity with the Dean of Student Success.  Employees or prospective employees must notify Human Resources.  Registered Sex Offenders are also required to report to the Normal Police Department if attending classes at the Normal campus, the Pontiac Police if attending class at the Heartland Pontiac Center, and with the Lincoln Police Department if attending classes at the Heartland Lincoln Center.

The Illinois State Police maintains a database of all registered sex offenders in Illinois that you can access using the Web. To learn the identity of registered sex offenders on or near campus, or anywhere in Illinois, visit the  Sex Offender Database. Once there, you can search by county, city, or zip code. To assist your search, the main campus of Heartland Community College is located in McLean County; Normal, Illinois; 61761.

College Violence Prevention

Heartland's College Violence Prevention Plan (PDF) was developed in accordance with the  College Security Enhancement Act of 2008. For additional information, view Heartland's College Violence Prevention Policy (PDF).

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

Future students, current students and community members may find  a comprehensive overview of the College and its practices, including crime statistics, privacy, financial aid and other important College policies associated with the  Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).