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History Information

  • History helps us understand people and societies. It also enables us to critically examine the past as a way to develop informed approaches to the social and cultural challenges we face today. As a student of history at HCC you'll investigate key figures, movements and major events in civilizations starting from the first millennium B.C. and learn how to develop your own historical interpretations.

  • Many HCC history faculty members are leaders in local and state historical societies and have significant expertise in a wide-range of topics including the life and leadership of Abraham Lincoln. Classes range from Western Civilization and British History, to African-American History and Non-Western Civilization.

  • Professional historians research, analyze and interpret the past. Equipped with these skills, many history majors attend law or professional schools after earning a bachelor's degree. Internships can help prepare you for museum or public policy work. As a job-seeker with a background in history, you may also find a fulfilling career as a(n):

    • Archivist
    • Anthropologists/Archeologist
    • Demographer
    • Historic Preservationist
    • Sociologist
    • Teacher
  • Earn your Heartland degree and transfer to a four-year college or university:

    Associate in Arts - Concentration in History

    If you plan to complete the first two years of study at Heartland and then continue your studies as a history major at a four-year institution in Illinois, the Associate in Arts (AA) transfer preparation program is the path for you.

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