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Heartland Community College

Apply To Heartland

Choose one of Heartland's many destinations.

What you'll need to know to submit your application:

  1. Your personal information, such as: Social Security Number, mailing address, phone number, etc.
  2. Which Program of Study you wish to enroll in.
  3. The semester you wish to begin taking courses. 

Apply to Heartland

There is no application fee and it takes about 10 minutes to complete online.

Submit Admissions Documents

  • Proof of in-district residency is required for you to receive the in-district tuition rate unless you graduated from a high school located in Heartland's district within the past year.  There are other special residency classifications and a list of valid documentation on the Cost of College webpage.

    You can submit your documentation in four ways:

    • Upload the document through the Admissions portal.

    • Scan or take a photo and email the document (.PDF or .JPEG) along with your name and student ID number to:

    • Mail the document:
      Heartland Community College Lincoln
      2201 Woodlawn Road
      Lincoln, IL 62656

    • Bring your residency documentation in person to any Heartland campus. 
  • All new Heartland students need to submit any previous academic transcript(s), including a final high school transcript or GED certificate, and Official college transcript(s) if you have completed any previous coursework and earned credit. 

    Ways to submit your transcript:

    • In person or by mail
      Drop off your sealed, official transcript to campus or have it mailed. 

      Heartland Community College Lincoln
      2201 Woodlawn Road
      Lincoln, IL 62656

    • Electronically
      Your transcript can be sent directly from the previous institution to or faxed to 217.735.1352
      If sent by personal email, the transcript will not be considered official. 

      NOTE: Official College transcripts can usually be sent through an official, outside vendor from the transfer institution to HCC. If you have questions about sending electronic transcripts, contact the Records Office at 309-268-8071.
  • Students may be waived from placement testing with previous test scores. 

    Submit scores from the following:

    • ACT (within past three years)
    • PSAT/SAT (within past three years) 
    • GED (2014 series) 
    • PARCC
    • ACCUPLACER (must be submitted directly from the test site, within past three years)
    • ALEKS (proctored attempts only, within past three years) 
    • High School GPA 

    NOTE: Many high schools include these scores on their transcript and will be valid scores to use for placement as long as the transcript is official. 

    Ways to submit your test scores: 

    • In person or by mail
      Drop off your score report to campus or have it mailed. 

      Heartland Community College Lincoln
      2201 Woodlawn Road
      Lincoln, IL 62656

    • Electronically
      Your test scores can be sent directly from the testing site to or faxed to 217.735.1352


Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday:
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Testing Center Hours

Monday through Thursday:
8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Contact Us

HCC Lincoln
2201 Woodlawn Rd.
Lincoln, IL 62656
Phone: 217-735-1731
Fax: 217-735-1352

Jennifer Kirby

Director, HCC Lincoln 
Phone: 309-268-8971

Deanne Mott

Associate Director, HCC Lincoln
Advisor, HCC Lincoln 
Phone: 309-268-8973

Rebekah Baughman

Program Assistant, HCC Lincoln 
Phone: 309-268-8974