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Licensure Information

Requirement for Licensure Examination

Legal Limitations

The following statements must be answered by applicants seeking licensure in the State of Illinois. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, you may be required to go through a due process prior to issuance of a license.

  1. Have you been convicted of any criminal offense in any state or in federal court (other than minor traffic violations)?
  2. Have you been convicted of a felony?
  3. If yes, have you been issued a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities by the Prisoner Review Board?
  4. Have you had or do you now have any disease or condition that interferes with your ability to perform the essential functions of your profession, including any disease or condition generally regarded as chronic by the medical community i.e. (1) mental or emotional disease or condition; (2) alcohol or other substance abuse; (3) physical disease or condition, that presently interferes with your ability to practice your profession? If yes, attach a detailed statement, including an explanation whether or not you are currently under treatment.
  5. Have you been denied a professional license or permit, or privilege of taking an examination, or had a professional license or permit disciplined in any way by any licensing authority in Illinois or elsewhere?
  6. Have you ever been discharged other than honorably from the armed services or from a city, county, state or federal position?

The above information should not deter you from applying for the nursing program. Please discuss any questions with the Dean of Health and Human Services for specific guidance.