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Program Effectiveness

The Radiography Program at Heartland Community College is programmatically accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology. More information can be found at or by contacting JRCERT, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182, phone 312-704-5300, fax 312-704-5304. For information regarding program completion rates, credentialing exam rates, and job placement rates, please view the program outcomes which are reported annually and updated on the JRCERT website.  The program received an 8-year accreditation awarded November 15, 2018.

  • Annual completion rate for the most current year
  • Five year completion rate
  • Students that pass the registry on the first attempt for the most current year
  • Students that pass the registry on the first attempt for the last 5 years
  • Five year job placement rate
  • Annual rate of students seeking employment
  • Annual rate of students that found employment

Measurable Educational Outcomes

The registered radiographer is a professional qualified through education to assist physicians in providing patient care through the diagnostic use of imaging modalities. The radiographer must exhibit professionalism, independent judgment, initiative, skill, compassion, and continued interest in learning to be successful in this profession. To this end, the program strives to provide its students with the skills and attitudes necessary to perform successfully as part of the medical team. Upon completion of the program, the graduate radiographer will:

  • Students will have a working understanding of Imaging systems
  • Students will recognize and perform radiation safety principle
  • Students will demonstrate comprehension of radiographic procedures and perform routine exams
  • Students will demonstrate verbal communication skills
  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills
  • Identify a medical emergency
  • Image critique and evaluation
  • Adapt positioning for non-routine positions
  • Student will exhibit professional behavior consistent with code of ethics
  • Students will engage professionally within the discipline
  • Graduates will be able to obtain employment
  • Graduates will pass the registry
  • Students will graduate from the program
  • Graduate and employer surveys will indicate professionalism

Program Measurement Benchmarks

The success of the Program Goals and Outcomes is measured by specific tools and benchmarks. These benchmarks include but are not limited to:

  • The ARRT certification examination pass rate ( ≥ 90% each year, 90% most recent 5 year period)
  • The ARRT certification examination average scaled test score ( ≥ 80% )
  • The ARRT certification examination average section scores ( ≥ 7.5 for Sections A, B, C, D and E)
  • Clinical evaluation item average ( ≥ 80% )
  • Percentage of students participating in professional activities ( ≥ 75% )
  • Completion rates for all courses ( ≥ 90% ) within 150% of program length
  • Program completion rate ( ≥ 75% average of past 5 years)
  • The responses on the Graduate Program Evaluation ( ≥ 2.5 on individual items, ≥ 3.0 for composite of all items − 4.0 scale)
  • The responses on the Employer Questionnaire ( ≥ 1.5 for individual items, ≥ 2.0 for composite of all items − 3.0 scale)

Radiography Department

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