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Heartland Community College

Civic Engagement Curriculum Sequence

13-16 Semester Hours

Students completing this curriculum sequence will develop civic skills in order to become more fully engaged in local, state, national, and/or international civic affairs. After completing the sequence, students will develop and carry out a civic engagement project. This sequence also prepares students for transfer into the Civic Engagement Minor at Illinois State University.

Core Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL 101 Critical Reading and Writing 3
COMM 101 Introduction to Oral Communication 3
POS 101 American Government and Politics 3
SVL 101 Introduction to Service Learning 2-4

One Elective (2-3 hrs)

Course Title Credit Hours
ART 220 Arts for Early Childhood: Visual Arts 3
CRJ 201 Understanding Criminology 3
HONR 201 Honors Seminar II 2
POS 124 State and Local Politics 3
POS 215 Campaigns and Elections 3

COMM 250 / POS 250

Activism 3