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Heartland Community College

Refund Eligibility

Dropping & Canceling a Course

You can be eligible for a refund if you drop or cancel a course prior to the refund deadline dates. To avoid financial obligation to the College, you must notify the College in writing or online using the Student Center. The envelopes must be postmarked or the data entered into the Student Center by the published refund dates. Telephone requests are not accepted. If you use Student Center to drop or withdraw from a class, please keep a printout of the successful transaction for your records.

Refund Deadline Dates

You may receive a 100% refund for tuition and fees for dropping a course if dropped before the deadline. No refunds are issued for withdrawing after the stated dates. Any payment or refund disputes must be resolved within 30 days following the end of the applicable academic term.

Summer 2024*

Deadline Date Session
May 21 1st 4 week courses
May 22 1st 6 week courses
June 5 2nd 6 week courses
June 7 8 week courses
June 18 2nd 4 week courses


Spring 2024*

Deadline Date Session
Jan. 22 1st 8 week courses
Jan. 24 1st 12 week courses
Jan. 29 16 week courses
Feb. 20 2nd 12 week courses
Mar. 22 2nd 8 week courses

*Please see full calendar for refund dates for other sessions.

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