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Heartland Community College

All Students

These financial support options are available for every student.

Financial Aid

Your first step to receive financial assistance is to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Apply for Financial Aid


Scholarships may be available to assist you with payment of your tuition, fees, or books. 

Apply for Foundation scholarships

Career Center & Employment

  • Career Center: Attend Career Center events to position yourself for future career success.
  • Handshake: Search for jobs and internships. Assistance is available every Thursday from 10:00 am through 2:00 pm in Advisement and Career Connections, located in CCB 1000.
  • Federal Work Study: Find federally subsidized part-time positions working with Heartland. To be eligible, you must:
  • Third-Party Employers: Contact your current employer to see what opportunities or options you may be eligible to use while attending Heartland Community College. Employers may offer a tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement program while attending college. 

Schedule an appointment with Career Connections at or 309-268-8034 or stop by CCB 1000 with any questions.

Classes & Workshops

  • Next Step and PMSO: MCCA workshops are free financial literacy workshops and can be found at this MCC link or call (309) 829-0691.
  • Money Smart Week: During Smart Money Week in April, Heartland will have workshops for students with several different area banks attending that can help you with financial literacy.  You can sign up for the workshops online at this money smart information link.
  • Success Education: Heartland offers success education classes that will earn you college credit while you are gaining awareness about your academic career and your personal self and facilitating awareness about each.  You can register for these classes just as you would register for any other class on Heartland's website for the class schedule.

Financial Emergencies

  • Basic Living Needs: You can request assistance with housing/clothing/utilities/food/transportation. Visit the living needs link to learn more.
  • Bloomington/Normal Township: Bloomington/Normal Township funds may be available for you.  Please contact Heartland’s Counseling Center (SCB 2410) at or call (309) 268-8419.
  • Emergency Funds: You can apply for emergency funds for basic living needs such as housing/food/transportation by contacting a success coach at  You will then be contacted by a coach to discuss your situation.
  • Emergency Financial Aid Refunds: You can request emergency Financial Aid refunds if you are qualified for Financial Aid.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office (CCB 1106) or call (309) 268-8020.

Student Government & Engagement

Tuition waivers may be available for Student Government or Student Engagement participation.  To find out more, please contact our Student Engagement office (CCB 1600) at or call (309) 268-8441.

Business Office

Get assistance with making payments and any questions you may have regarding your student bill. Please contact or call 309-268-8140.

Private Loans

Private loans can be used for tuition/fees/books but they must be accessed by consulting with your bank or other lending institutions. Private loans must be repaid.

Additional Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for additional types of financial assistance, scholarships or other forms of aid.

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Financial Coaching

If you need help navigating your financial options, please contact a financial coach at or 309-268-8055.

Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services is available to anyone who feels they may need emotional support or may have any other concerns. Please contact Heartland's Counseling Center (SCB 2410) at or call (309) 268-8419.