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Heartland Community College

Students with Disability

Find resources to help students with disabilities pay for their education.

Foundation Scholarships

The Heartland Community College Foundation office offers scholarships for students enrolling in the Heartland Academy for Learning Opportunities (HALO) program. 

Apply for Founcation Scholarships

Local Organizations

Contact the local organization you are affiliated with to see if they have funds available for post-secondary education expenses.  Some are listed below, but there may be others depending on your specific diagnosis/disability.

Additional Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for additional types of financial assistance, scholarships or other forms of aid.

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Financial Coaching

If you need help navigating your financial options, please contact a financial coach at or 309-268-8055.

Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services is available to anyone who feels they may need emotional support or may have any other concerns. Please contact Heartland's Counseling Center (SCB 2410) at or call (309) 268-8419.